What To Lookout For When To Buy Universal Adapter

While you are packing your bags and getting all excited for your international trip, let not your excitement doesn’t fall back when you realize how are all your electronics and devices be plugged in, or will you be able to charge your phone in that country? While there is a variety of range flooding the markets offering best universal adapter, there is still a need to be aware and look out for following when you buy universal adapter! Go Linx has put together all possible worries here to make you aware:    

  • It Plugs, Not Converts:  Most of the universal power adapter works best for converting plugs only. This means the layout of the pins.  It will not convert the voltage. Why you need to know this is, if you are traveling to USA, the voltage system is 150 volts so majority of the universal adapters will not serve your purpose. If you do still plug in your device, it will burn out.  
  • When Size Really Matters:  Universal power adaptor comes in different sizes, however, it is recommended to go for a smaller size, though it limits you with number of devices that can be charged at once. If you get a bigger size, which facilitates with more options, a drawback is in a lose fitting socket, it will fall off because of its weight. And due to its larger size, you won’t be able to plug in any other device as it will block the entire socket. A smaller adapter will work in almost all of your destinations. 
  • Know When It Will Be A Rip Off: One of the most rip off place to buy anything and especially universal power adapters is to buy it at the airport. Do not be one of those unfortunate travelers who forgot to invest in a universal adapter, waiting to be ripped off at the airport, if you buy it before hand, you can at least test it! 
  • One For All And All For One: Instead of investing in different chargers and adaptors, while you are traveling in a group or with family, you will only need one universal power adapter. Plug your devices in one power strip and that strip to your universal adapter. Not only you are saving money, but also packing space and hassle!  
  • Go For A Three Way: Three pin power adapters is the most convenient universal power adapter to invest in.  If you buy a two pin, rounded ones you will find yourself being stuck in regions outside of USA to charge your device or use your electronics! You can check out golinx.com.au and find your foremost traveling need be catered online! We have a variety of universal power adapter, making sure catering all the above needs.  power-chargers